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Charleston Young Professionals

Whether you are an intern just embarking on your professional pathway, a gifted worker climbing the corporate ladder, an aspiring entrepreneur looking to grow your brand or an established executive, Charleston Young Professionals has something for you.

Perhaps you are contemplating a career change or even a young professional looking to share your knowledge with others? This group is a great way to meet interesting new people, advance your career and give back to the community and your peers.

Created for young professionals, by young professionals, Charleston Young Professionals is a member-based organization geared towards individuals between 21 and 40 who are ambitious, educated and wired; those ready to work hard, play hard and make a difference in the Charleston region.

Through a variety of professional development and connection events, young professionals are connected to people, business and issues important to them – enabling members to become leaders, collaborators and continually energized by new ideas.

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