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Talent Demand Analysis Results

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WRITTEN BY eaylor 11 months ago
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The Charleston Metro Chamber, along with several other local community and higher education organizations, commissioned and participated in a study to compare the higher education offerings in our region with the needs of our employers. National consultants from Avalanche Consulting, as well as the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) worked to identify the region’s higher education gaps.

The results of the three phase analysis will help determine where potential gaps exist between the output of local educational institutions and the skills needed by employers, as well as, how to fill both the short- and long- term demand for workforce and skills in the Charleston metro region.

Phase 1: Workforce Supply and Demand Gap Analysis

Downloadable Version

Phase 2: Institutional Alignment Assessment

Downloadable Version

Phase 3: Asset Benchmarking & Strategic Recommendations

Downloadable Version

Charleston Region Education Alignment Strategy

Downloadable Version

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