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Our Staff

Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce

4500 Leeds Avenue, Suite 100, North Charleston, SC 29405

Phone: 843.577.2510  Fax: 843.723.4853
General email:


Executive Department

Bryan Derreberry
President and CEO, 843.805.3100
Kaye Fanning
Special Assistant to the President, 843.805.3103


Mary Graham
Chief Advancement Officer, 843.805.3043
Pennie Bingham
Executive Director, World Trade Center Charleston, 843.805.3073
Ian Scott
Senior Vice President, Advocacy, 843.805.3089
Cassie Flanick
Advancement Coordinator, 843.805.3097
Alex Glasgow
Leadership Programs Director, 843.805.3087
Suzi Raiford
Career Preparedness Programs Director, 843.805.3032
George Ramsey
Business Lobbyist, 843.805.3116
Jacki Renegar
Center for Business Research Director, 843.805.3034
Robin Willis
Associate Vice President, Talent Pipeline Strategies, 843.805.3031



Adrian Cain
Senior Vice President of Membership and Development, 843.805.3062
Shea Sinclair
Vice President of Development, 843.805.3080
Sean Tracey
Vice President, Local Area Programs, 843.805.3096
Tim Rogers
Vice President of Membership Development, 843.805.3010
Therese Gordon
Assistant Director of Local Area Programs, 843.805.3007
Grace Hamilton
Membership Coordinator, 843.805.3014
Katie Kremchek
Associate Director of Membership Relations, 843.805.3028
Justin Lee
Senior Membership Account Executive, 843.805.3004
Monét McCarus
Senior Membership Account Executive, 843.805.3091
Claire Porter
Membership Relations Director, 843.805.3113
Ashley Sheridan
Member Account Executive, 843.805.3022
Janie Warren
Events Manager, 843.805.3026
Erica Wright
Charleston Young Professionals Director, 843.805.3002


Mark Edington
Chief Operating Officer, 843.805.3078
Laura Bright
Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications , 843.805.3070
Beth Franklin
Senior Vice President of Finance, 843.805.3038
Erin Aylor
Associate Vice President of Marketing and Communications 843.805.3053
Rachel Crescenzo
Operations and Administrative Services Manager, 843.805.3104
Liz Clark
Digital Communications Coordinator, 843.805.3035
Jemella Graham
Finance Director, 843.805.3069
Lena Holmes
Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable Manager, 843.805.30563
Dustin Istnick
Creative Director, 843.805.3076
Madison Waldrop
Marketing Producer, 843.805.3041



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