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Fix SC Roads


That is the estimated infrastructure shortfall our state currently faces. Without a dedicated funding solution, that number will continue to grow and our roads and bridges will further deteriorate.

1/3 of our state’s primary and interstate highways are in poor or mediocre condition

1 out of every 5 bridges is considered load deficient

Ranked the 2nd deadliest places to drive in the United States

Not only are these conditions unsafe, but they are costing our residents thousands in vehicle maintenance.

According to a 2015 report, released by TRIP, a Washington, DC based national transportation organization, increased investment in transportation improvements at the local, state and federal levels could relieve traffic congestion, improve road and bridge conditions, boost safety and support long-term economic growth in South Carolina.


Interstate turns 60: Unsafe Roadways Continue to Plague Drivers

South Carolina’s Interstate system has one of the highest fatality rates in the country as the U.S. Interstate marks its 60th anniversary this week. According to a new report released today by TRIP, a Washington, DC based national transportation organization, South Carolina’s Interstates had the sixth highest fatality rate in the nation.

Additionally, in South Carolina, the non-Interstate fatality rate was more than double the Interstate fatality rate.

The 2016 report finds that the Interstate Highway System faces increasing congestion, unprecedented levels of travel and insufficient funding to make needed repairs and improvements.



Motor Fuel User Fee

South Carolina currently has the third lowest fee in the nation. The current rate of 16 cents per gallon has not been increased since 1987, while the Consumer Price Index has grown by 105% and traffic has grown by 61%.

Further, North Carolina and Georgia, our primary competitors from both an economic development and tourism standpoint, fund their highways at a much higher level. North Carolina’s motor fuel user fee is 38.9 cents, while in Georgia the combination of the state’s motor fuel user fees and the state’s use tax is the equivalent of 28.6 cents per gallon.


We are asking the Governor and our elected officials to establish a dedicated funding source to alleviate the immense shortfall we currently face.

By increasing South Carolina’s motor fuel user fee by 25 cents, SCDOT can begin to fix our roads. Our state needs and deserves proper infrastructure that allows our residents to travel our roads safely and our businesses to efficiently transport their goods and services. Visit to learn more. 



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