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CCSD Constituent School Board Candidates

When the Charleston County School district was created in 1967, this consolidated the then 8 separate school districts into one county wide district that funded education equally. The former independent school districts were converted to constituent school districts within the structure of Charleston County School district. The Charleston County School District Constituent Board have three main responsibilities: attendance zone boundaries, disciplinary issues and transfer requests for students within the Constituent District. These duties are independent of the Charleston County School Board.

On November 8 you will have the opportunity to vote for candidates for the Charleston County School District Constituent Board. To help better inform your vote, we asked each candidate to complete a survey – view the answers of the candidates who returned the survey below.

District 1- St. James- Santee

District 2 – Moultrie

  • Sarah Shad Johnson
  • Marty Presler Belk (did not complete survey)
  • Kathryn Smith (did not complete survey)

District 3 – James Island

District 4 – North Charleston

  • Andrea Bailey Erb (did not complete survey)
  • Ted Cozart
  • Kelvin Curtis (did not complete survey)
  • Lala Fyall (did not complete survey)
  • Michael Garnett (did not complete survey)
  • Lorena Jordan
  • Teresa Muthard
  • Jordan Pace (did not complete survey)
  • James Perry, Jr. 
  • Janna Wilson (did not complete survey)

District 9 – St. John’s

  • Pat Cline
  • Cheryl Glover (did not complete survey)
  • Leon Green (did not complete survey)
  • Jean Howard

District 10 – St. Andrew’s

District 20 – Peninsula

District 23 – St. Paul’s

  • Hollie Sheppard Ancrum (did not complete survey)
  • Blanche Bowens
  • Robert Bowens (did not complete survey)
  • Darrin Griffin Sr. (did not complete survey)
  • Vanetia Vickey Fahie (did not complete survey)
  • Helen Frazier (did not complete survey)
  • Francenia Nelson
  • Joshephine Garvin Matthews
  • Leroy Seabrook (did not complete survey)
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